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2022 Strategic Planning

As the Duluth Community School Collaborative begins our strategic planning process, we are excited to center students and their families, align our goals and strategies with the Duluth Public School District and community partners, and reflect best practices for full-service community schools. Over the next two months, we will identify and engage key stakeholders, and their feedback and input will define our work moving forward. With that stakeholder guidance, we will conduct a comprehensive SWOT analysis, develop an organizational vision, and update our mission. From there, we will develop goals and strategies to form a working strategic plan. Finally, our new strategic plan drives our workplans and any necessary adjustments to our organizational structure, partnerships, governance, and evaluation processes.

SWOT Analysis Results

Our SWOT analysis results will help guide our upcoming strategy planning session. Thank you to everyone who shared their knowledge and experience to help us develop a strong, sustainable plan for our future. 

Strategic Planning - Feedback Results

 Thank you to everyone helping the Collaborative "plan into existence"  the schools we all know our students and families deserve! We collected feedback from current and past DCSC stakeholders: students, teachers, parents/families, community members, school staff, etc! Click below to view the results


Engagement Objectives

  • Foster an inclusive, welcoming, sustained culture of collaboration

  • Strengthen, deepen relationships between DCSC and families, students, educators, partners, and the district

  • Ensure we hear from all our key stakeholders

  • Create opportunities for stakeholders with varying perspectives to listen to and learn from each other

  • Seek input from students and families about their lived experiences in the schools

  • Understand what is and isn’t working for students, families, educators

  • Ask how stakeholders define success

  • Gather perspectives on opportunities and constraints for the collaborative, school district, and partners to work together

  • Provide information on the needs and opportunities in the schools and how DCSC is helping to address those

  • Use multiple means/methods to provide stakeholders with information the full-service community schools model, purpose and history of DCSC, funding, recent and current programming, partners, and impacts

Click here for our Strategic Planning Engagement Design document. 

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Our Values

Collaboratively defined in 2022: 

  • Wellbeing & Justice

  • Development & Sustainability

  • Shared Power, Accountability & Measurable Results

  • Trusting Relationships & Authentic Connections 

Four Pillars of Community Schools

  • Integrated Student Supports

  • Expanded & Enriched Learning Time 

  • Active Family and Community Engagement

  • Collaborative Leadership and Practices


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