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'DYAC & Duluth Community School Collaborative Youth Program Finder'

Making youth development programs & educational supports in Duluth more well-known and easier to access so all young people have the opportunity for support to achieve their highest potential.

Duluth Youth Program Finder is a free resource where youth, parents, educators, youth workers, & everyone who knows a young person can find accessible after school and summer activities and programs in the Duluth area for ages 4-24.

Looking for Children's Mental Health Programs?

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If you're a program provider interested in becoming a member of the Duluth Youth Agency Coalition (DYAC), please contact Hannah Grunzke of the DYAC Membership Committee at

Looking for Childcare?

Youth Program Providers

We need your help providing Duluth families with information about program/activity offerings this summer – whether it’s online, in-person, or a hybrid.

Your efforts will ensure that those who utilize the Duluth Youth Program Finder will learn about your organization’s program or activity, understand eligibility requirements, and how/when/where to access your program/activity.

Additionally, this information will help Duluth policymakers to understand what opportunities are available this summer and where more are needed.


We also encourage you, as providers, to use the Duluth Youth Program Finder to see what other opportunities are near you – maybe you want to partner together on some activities!

If you're interested in being added to the Duluth Youth Program Finder, please review the inclusion/exclusion policy to be sure your activity is a good fit, then click the registration request button below to complete an initial inquiry.

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