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What is the Collaborative up to during COVID-19?

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

How can the Duluth Community School Collaborative provide services when we are all working from home? Right now the staff at all three of our sites are engaged with the school and staff where they work and supporting as they are able. This includes reaching out to students and families who school staff have struggled to reach.

Staff from the Myers-Wilkins site have continued working with the students enrolled in Compass and their families. They send letters home to these students and deliver snacks and activities to their homes. Staff at Lincoln Park are collecting Caring Messages from community members and distributing these to students on an ongoing basis. Contact Rachel if you want to participate in this initiative. At Denfeld we are supporting school needs including data and surveys, and staff at Denfeld and at Myers-Wilkins are working to establish an online tutoring/mentoring platform.

Here are the Myers-Wilkins staff with a message:

Collaborative staff also just wrapped up the Duluth Kids Care Challenge, and we are staying in the loop with community organizations and partners in order to know what they are able to offer during this time and assist families in connecting with them to meet their needs. Our Community Health Coordinator is available for needs and questions related to accessing health services, insurance, basic necessities like food, and a variety of other needs. Feel free to email, call, or text her at 218-302-5325 if you are seeking a health-related or other service that you have been unable to find. Additionally, staff have taken on other projects as fit their skills and interests and the Collaborative's needs. We are building an overall communications plan for our organization, developing a new website, and following a results-based accountability process to begin assessing the work that we are currently doing and if it is work that should continue as it is or make changes.

We miss the day-to-day routine and the students, but we continue to reach out to them in different ways, support our schools, and we are taking advantage of this time to plan and improve our organization as well.


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