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Pre-Register: Myers Wilkins Community School Summer Program!

Updated: May 11

We are so excited to reboot our historic hillside summer youth programming for the new 2021 reality.

In close partnership with our Myers Wilkins Principal, Amy Worden, and a committed team of teachers & staff, we have developed a program that will prioritize Myers Wilkins students who could benefit from added academic support, while making it SAFE & FUN!

Hillside Youth Theater is a historic program of Duluth Community School Collaborative. It will be brought back as a program element this year, giving every participant the opportunity to tell their own story of the past year alongside their peers and supportive adults. It will come together in the development of a series of videos sure to create a powerful impact.

The large final performances have brought joy to community audiences for years, and we hope to bring them back next year.

Join us for this 2021 reboot program focused on RELATIONSHIP, VOICE, and LIFELONG LEARNING by pre-registering here.

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